Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Malaysian FinTech Ecosystem Conference & GT Dollar Grand Launch

Kuala Lumpur, 16th January 2016 – Y.B. Datuk Mas Ermieyati Binti Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture debuted the launch of e-commerce giant, GT Dollar Malaysia at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur today at the Malaysia FinTech Ecosystem Conference and GT Dollar Grand Launch.

The event was witnessed by distinguished government officials as well as 3,000 prominent IT and e-commerce industry leaders who support the development of a dynamic FinTech ecosystem, paving way for SMART innovations like GT Dollar, making Malaysia a force to reckon with in the FinTech sector.

This collaboration between the Malaysian government and GT Dollar helps to alleviate the lives of people through the launch GT Dollar mobile application, which is a “one-stop mobile e-commerce platform” that seeks to build a cohesive community for consumers and merchants from a myriad of industries to interact within its marketplace.

To complement this collaborative effort, GT Robot an innovative high-technological form under the GT Group, specializes its advancement in humanoid robotic solutions. In recognition of it’s advancement, the Malaysian government is planning to allocate a zone located along the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan border for GT Robot’s own manufacturing and assembly plant, which is worth approximate to RM 300 million in investment. This plant estimated to generate income for the company of approximate USD 20 Billon (which is equal to 10 Million pieces of Mobile Robot) and create more than 10,000 working opportunities for locals in the next 5 years. The GT Robot plant will be the first in Asia with eco-friendly manufacturing with the high technology equipment after China.

Today, marks the launch of a groundbreaking event that will go down in history. Unveiling an all new improvised major update of GT Dollar application, the world’s first social mobile e-commerce software. This new concept was first found in year 2014 by the GT Group President and CEO Dr. Paul Zhang Baolu, who is equipped with over 30 years of industry experience in high-technology management, economic and tourism development worldwide. The company is valued at more than $4.7 billion. The conference is aimed to drive development of regional interne use, where users and businesses connect seamlessly without barriers. This benefits the consumers greatly as businesses become more affordable thus stimulating economic growth, national tax revenue and employment growth.

As a major update, there will be new enhanced key features to help alleviate the overall user experience. Through the adoption of SMART technologies which comprises of AR technology to for implement “the seek honey feature”, “catch a bee to earn GT Cash features” which can be used for purchases within the interactive marketplace as well as being an effective Bee Commerce tool to help users manage their finances effectively by enjoying exclusive long term savings, emerging as Malaysia’s trendsetter in the world of e-commerce.

This application aims to embrace technology, thus contributing towards the economic growth of the country. A comprehensive platform for both consumers and merchants, encouraging cash free transactions around the world. With zero registrations, subscription and advertising fees, merchants need to purchase GT Dollar (Virtual Currency) and distribute it to their users anytime, anywhere. This will in turn form into e-promotion or e-advertising with minimal charges. The Online Payment Gateway will be used to accept payment online – E-wallet / Visa (Credit, Debit, Prepaid) / MasterCard (Credit. Debit, Prepaid) / CUP Card (Credit, Debit, Prepaid) / Direct Debit Account to perform transaction charges. 

GT Dollar primary focus is about a creating a world of convenience centered around virtual credits account to allow users to make payment via an e-wallet system which enables extensive search for products or services via a marketplace.

GT Dollar allows SMEs to function virtually. It connects them with new and existing consumers and maintains a loyalty programme through the distribution of virtual credits (GTD). Communication between merchants and consumers is facilitated via seamless GPS- location and user-friendly booking platforms.

The application serves as a composite of one’s daily lifestyle and a city guide to complement and simplify the increasingly hectic lifestyle by providing users with an unprecedented access to a large database of over 80,000 merchants worldwide hitherto not on Internet or mobile, but who offer a great range of products. Merchants and users can enjoy other services beside online shopping such as fund transfer, utilities bills payment, prepaid air time top-up, Social Network Chat (for up to 20 people in each group) and etc.

As per statistic, there are more than 18 million active digital users in Malaysia and up to 2015, a total 77.3% of Malaysian households have access to broadband services.

The application is active all through the day, allowing users to shop at their own convivence at the ease of their Smartphone. “We saw the opportunity to take advantage of the digital boom and developed an innovative solution that benefits both businesses and consumers” said Mr Patrick Chew, Country CEO of GT Dollar Malaysia.

YB Datuk Seri Panglima Madius Tangau, Minister of MOSTI mentioned, “in 2015, there were 3.4 billion Internet users globally with an expectation that it would increase to 9 billion over the next 10 years. Indeed, the government recognizes the importance of digital technology in propelling the economic growth. We are pleased to see a local company embarking on an innovative effort that is in line with the government’s aspiration to surge in the development of technology. We applaud GT Dollar for being a game changer in the e-commerce sector. And I am sure that users will benefit at large from utilizing the platform and its features”.

GT Dollar aims to shape the future of mobile travel and drive tourism growth with potential collaborations with Tourism Association to increase the tourism landscape in Malaysia. Paul Zhang being the Chairman of the China Tian Ma Travel Group, the third largest travel services and recreation provider in China hopes to woo China tourists to Malaysia with GT Dollar, which will serve as an essential city guide for tourists.

GT Robot is planning to start up its manufacturing and assembly plant in Malaysia located along the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan border which is worth approximate to RM 300 million in investment. This plant estimated to generate income for the company of approximate USD20 Billion (which equal to 10 Million pcs Mobile Robot) and create more than 10,000 working opportunity for the local in next 5 years. The GT Robot plant will be the first in Asia with eco-friendly manufacturing with the high technology equipment after China.

GT Dollar Malaysia hopes to expand its e-commerce business globally and be the gateway for Asia. At this launch, GT Robot, the innovative high-technological wing of GT Group that specializes its advancement in humanoid robotic solutions will be unveiling two of its robots called the GT Wonder Boy, a SMART social bot companion and GT Gobot, a multifunctional service bot that is targeted to improve the overall quality of people’s life, transcending into a new era of intelligence. 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tips Pemilihan Tinted Kereta Yang Berkualiti dan Terbaik

Tips pemilihan tinted kereta yang berkualiti dan yang terbaik untuk kereta. Cewahh. kemain ai is nak mengupas topik hangat hari ni. bukan apa, sedar tak sedar, ai is tak da ilmu banyak dalam hal ni. mungkin suami tahu kot? itu pun kalau tahu, kalau tak tahu jugak? ber huhuhuhhu lahh kita kene tipu TERbeli tinted yang kononnya acah acah berkualiti diluar sana sobs sob sob sedihhh ;(

Bila last korang tinted kereta korang? Pada mulanya selepas tinted mesti tak panas duduk dalam kereta kan? cuba masuk tahun kedua ketiga? dah start panas semula kan? berapa harga tinted sekarang? RM1000? RM2000? waduhhh ruginyaaaa gitu kan? nampak gaya macam dah kene tipu dengan salesman sobss ... Selalunya tinted yang tidak berkualiti ni, tahap tahan panas dia mula-mula okay tapi selepas beberapa tahun, tahan panas dia akan menurun lebih dari 50% dan kereta kita mula rasa bahang panas semula. So time tu, kita kene leburrrrrr $$$$ lagii. aiyokkk!

takkan nak duit terbang tiap tiap tahun kan?

Mungkin kita sendiri tak sedar!! Ini adalah trick. Tinted yang GELAP tidak semestinya BERKUALITI. Tinted yang BERKUALITI adalah mempunyai Heat Rejection yang tinggi, dan pastikan tester dilakukan depan mata korang sendiri. Tinted yang bagus juga ada kualiti yang bagus dan juga mempunyai ketahanan haba yang bagus. Dua dua ni adalah faktor penting dalam pemilihan tinted kereta. Okay sekejap, sebelum korang pening, maksud kualiti yang bagus itu adalah kualiti masa kita membeli tinted yang boleh tahan lama sekurang-kurangnya 5tahun-7tahun dan tidak banyak "kualiti drop" dalam jangka masa selepas itu. Tinted itu jugak WAJIB ada kemampuan untuk tahan haba yang bagus terutamanya ketika kita sedang memandu, kita sendiri boleh rasa perbezaannya.

korang rasa, kereta ni tintednya berkualiti ke tidak?

Jangan main dengar je salesman sebut tinggi tinggi, murahh murahh, tipu semua tuh! Apa yang kita mahu, kita bayar RM3000 dan dapat tinted yang berharga RM3000. Bukan bayar RM3000 tapi diberi /ditipu salesman dengan tinted RM300. Itu yang banyak berlaku kat luar sana. sedih tak korang? kita duit tak banyak, lagi mahu kene tipu akibat, tiada pengetahuan mengenai tips pemilihan tinted kereta yang bagus ;(

Korang nak tahu tak antara taktik-taktik salesman tinted kereta yang menipu kita ? Ini antaranya :
#Penjual letak “Heat rejection” yang salah/tipu.
Contohnya macam dalam catalogue atau brochure letak IRR 95% atau teruk lagi mulut dia saja cakap IRR tinggi, tapi bila test pakai solar meter (BTU) bacaan dia kurang 50% dari apa yang dia letak. Sebab tu harga dia boleh jadi berbeza-beza di kedai lain walaupun untuk barang sama. 

#Jual tinted tiada kualiti dengan harga tinted berkualiti.
Tinted ni selalu tahan 1-2 tahun je lepas tu memang panasss macam tak ada tinted. Usually kos tinted macam ni lebih murah dan selalunya dari Korea/Taiwan/China, 2 lapis IR film atau dye film.

#Selalu tinted “Made in USA” lebih berkualiti dan mahal.
Rata-rata orang tahu tinted dari USA lebih berkualiti dan tahan haba lebih bagus. Tapi jangan tertipu dengan penjual yang cop logo “Made In USA” atas tinted murah supaya dia bole jual harga tinggi. Ha ni kena ada steps dia macam mana nak check tinted tu betul-betul dari USA.

#Product di tukar semasa pemasangan tinted.
Selalu penjual tunjukkan yang mahal dan kualiti bagus masa demo tapi masa dia pasang dia tukar dengan yang murah dan tidak berkualiti. Apatah lagi kalau dalam warranty card tak cakap product mana yang kita beli. Jadi hati-hati bila harga terlalu murah tak sepadan dengan kualiti dan pastikan nama product di tulis dalam warranty card.

#Product bukan original brand/house brand product (terutama brand product yang popular)
Kadang-kadang dealer satu brand amek brand tu sebab nak kedai dia femes dan cepat ada nama, tapi bila di kedai dia jual unknown brand/house brand product lebih dari tinted brand tu yang rata-rata tahu lebih mahal kerana kualiti yg lebih baik. Dia akn cakap kualiti sama cuma dia mahal sebab ada jenama dll. Tinted tidak berkualiti (seperti tinted dari Korea, China) harga costnya jauh lebih murah jadi penjual tu akan lebih untung berbanding tinted berjenama.

#Tukar tinted berjenama dengan tinted tiruan (Especially brand tinted yg Famous dan dipercayai)
Penjual ambil duit penuh untuk tinted tu, lepas tu masa pasang di pasang cermin depan je Real dan cermin tepi dan belakang semua guna tinted tiruan yang murah. Sebab tu customer kena bijak, kalau kita bayar RM300 mestilah dapat tinted kualiti rendah dan tak tahan panas sesuai dengan harga yang kita bayar sebab mereka buat business maaa mesti ada untung, tak akan rugi. Tapi jangan pulak kena tipu, kalau bayar harga RM3000 boleh jadi jugak dapat tinted murah kalau tak pandai nak tengok tinted yang berkualiti tu macam mana. 

Seram tak korang? Kita tak kaya okay nak tukar tinted selang dua tahun. Biar alang alang memakai, biarlah yang terbaik dan tahan lama.. Ai tahu ramai yang sanggup berhabis CUMA bila disgok dengan DISKAUN MURAH MURAH, kompem cair hikhik. Not now okay! Kita sekarang as pembeli KENELAH bijak MEMILIH. Okay ini adalah Tips Pemilihan Tinted Kereta Yang Berkualiti yang mana korang boleh praktikkan bila ingin membeli tinted :

#Survey atau Google brand Tinted yang memang confirm ada USA manufacturer.
Selalunya brand ni terkenal dan dia akan cakap “Made in USA” dekat brochure dan website dia. Kalo tak de ni kena hati-hati la sebab mungkin tinted tu bukan dari USA.

#Tengok original brand dia, packaging dia macam mana, label sticker dan brand logo mesti ada printed dekat film tinted tu.
Kadang-kadang memang susah sikit nak bezakan kualiti tinted ni tapi kalau tengok brand tu mesti ada identity dia kat tinted tu. Mudahnya, kalo tak de logo maksudnye mesti tinted tak berkualiti , mesti tak original.

#Minta untuk buat solar meter test sebelum dia pasang. (Tengok guna IRR meter, guna BTU meter check dulu, kalo ada SHGC meter jugak)
Jangan proceed ke step 3 sebelum steps 1 dan 2 sebabnya memang ada tinted yang bukan USA yang bila test IRR dia tinggi tapi lepas pasang 6 bulan-setahun bole rasa performance dia menurun lebih dari 50%. Jadi jangan tertipu sebab kalau tinted dari USA, dia takkan macam tu.

#Minta untuk warranty brand bukan warranty kedai.
Ni maksudnye kalau tinted tu original brand tu dia mesti bole claim warranty di mana-mana dealer brand tu sebab sama product/brand.. Kalau house brand warranty dia akan bagi Warranty card kedai dan kalau nak claim warranty di kedai lain walaupun brand sama, jadi tak boleh sebab dekat dealer lain tak de product tu jadi dia takkan akan layan la. Kena pergi kedai tinted tu jugak untuk claim warranty tu. menyusahkan kan?

#Paling penting, bagusnya kena pergi sendiri ke kedai tinted untuk tengok tinted tapi make sure buat dulu steps 1-4.
Adalah tidak digalakkan untuk call dan tanya harga saja atau suruh orang lain buatkan survey sebab peluang untuk ditipu lebih mudah. Sekarang ramai orang suka ambil kesempatan.

Ai harap yang mana sedang membaca entry ni, dapat menjadi pengguna yang lebih bijak, kalau suami tak tahu, explain dekat dia, biar kita sama sama tahu. Penting okay menyelamatkan duit kita dari melebur dekat ntah apa apa jenis tinted yang tak berkualiti di luar sana, dan yang penting, kita TIDAK ditipu lagi. waaaa sudah bijakkkk okay! hihi Ingat yaa, jangan tertipu lagi dengan tinted yang gelap sajaaaaaaaaaa dan murahhh, make sure praktikkan semua tips tips yang ai bagi ni tau..... Semoga bermanfaat buat kita semua ;))

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Shopback Malaysia | Shopping Online Tapi Dapat Cash Semula?

Shopback Malaysia? Apakah? Tapi yang pasti siapa sini suka sangat shopping online? Angkat tangan! Jangan nak mentipu sokmo. HAHAHA. Ini berita baik untuk semua shoppers okay. Korang mesti selalu shopping online contohnya di Lazada, Zalora, AgodaGo Shop, ASOS, Ebay, Groupon dan macam macam lagi lahh.. kan? So selalunya korang shopping shopping online then dapat barang, korang pun happy kan? TAPI korang nak tak lagi happy bila, korang puas shopping via Shopback Malaysia then korang akan diberi pulangan cashback pulangan yang banyakk! WOW! Happynyaaaaaaaaaaa muka memasing??? ;p

Benornya, ai is pun baru tahu pasal Shopback Malaysia ni. betapa lah ruginyaa selama ni kita dok shopping online sana sini tapi tak dapat pulangan cashback . aduhhh its soooo rugii hukhukhuk. TAPI kini tidak lagi. Jom korang shopping shopping online dan dapat pulangan cashback semula dengan Shopback Malaysia!

Sebelum itu, apakah Shopback Malaysia ni yang dari tadi ai dok sebut sebutkan? Okay meh nak terang sikit. Shopback Malaysia ni adalah satu website shopping dimana terdapat banyak sangat stor online yang menawarkan pulangan tunai (cashback) sehingga 30% kepada semua pelanggan apabila kita shopping online di Shopback Malaysia. Kiranya macam Shopback ni adalah orang tengah yang menghubungkan kita (pelanggan) dengan penjual (stor online) dengan sistem ganjaran yang menguntungkan kedua dua belah pihak. haaa paham takk korang?

Contoh : 
"Apabila pembeli berjaya membuat transaksi pembelian di mana-mana stor yang berhubung dengan laman ShopBack, penjual online yang membuat keuntungan dari pembeli akan memberi komisyen kepada ShopBack. Kemudian, ShopBack akan berkongsi komisyen ini dengan pembeli, yang akan menerimanya dalam bentuk pulangan tunai."

Klik kalau korang masih tak faham macam mana nak dapatkan 
cashback bila shopping di Shopback Malaysia.

Okay, faham sikit kan? so sekarang, macam mana kita nak dapatkan cashback bila shopping di Shopback ni? Okay meh nak tunjuk sikit. ai is bab bab shopping ni NUMBER ONE okay! HAHHAHAHHA . Okay mula mula korang semua kene :

1) Mula mula korang kene la sign up dengan Shopback Malaysia. isikan email . then korang boleh start shopping di lebih 1000 stor online. jangan rambang mata okay? hihi

2) Once korang klik stor online yang korang nak, kita akan direct ke website berkenaan. Ni ai bagi contoh Go Shop. Haaa ingat Go Shop ni, teringat lahai mak ai. suka benor shopping di Go Shop hikhik .. Makkk, shopping guna Shopback tau! 

 Dah puas shopping? after payment tunggu korang akan dapat cashback dalam tempoh 48jam. Cashback akan dimasukkan kedalam akaun Shopback korang . Bila dah okay semuanya, korang dah boleh 'cash out' via transfer ke akaun bank. Amacam? seronok kan? shopping keluar duit TAPI dapat balik duit HAHHAHA heaven!!

Apa apa pun, korang kene sign up dengan Shopback Malaysia dulu tau
KLIK SINI untuk sign up ;))

Info Shopback Malaysia :
Website :

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